Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Officially In the 2ww!

Its A bitter sweet moment in the "C"  House today!

This month of clomid has given me hope that I did indeed get the big "O". Now, for those of you who may be new to peeing on every stick in your house and tracking ovulation. The big "O" no longer stands for orgasm, However it does stand for a more important word: OVULATION! WOOO HOOO

I use this monitor to check for ovulation. Yes it is more expensive than the sets you can buy at meijer, But, Its way better! It allows you to keep track of your days as well as monitoring and remembering your cycle. It helps predict what days you will need to test! I have so much on my plate that remembering what days to pee on the sticks is so confusing! This monitor makes that easier! I would highly recommend it.

So My first peak day was Sunday and I also got a peak day on Monday. Today was a number 2 reading which is considered high but not peak. So we have BD like crazy every day since like last week. We made sure not to miss an opportunity! Relaxed for 20 minutes after, and ofcourse prayed!

So we keep our fingers, toes and every other possible body part crossed! Honestly of course I hope that this little eggie sticks, but reality is that it may not. I am still very happy that I ovulated, and hope that everything keeps on this positive train!

I meet with my obgyn in the morning for a progesterone check, hopeful she will give me something to supplement because the last pregnancy had a hard time maintaining the progesterone level. I also want to discuss further treatment with her. I have appointments with RE's and I want to see what she thinks. I also have my appointment with the MFM doc. Treating the MTHFR is my main goal, once that happens every possible thing that I could do to help my body I am doing.

These next two weeks will be all about obsessing over every twinge, pain, cramp, tenderness and change in my body. I plan to track this lovely information for my reference later. I want to be able to compare cycles.


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