Tuesday, April 24, 2012

That needle goes where??

Well, my meds have came in the mail. Two ginormous boxes full! In them all types of goodies.... Here is the run-down, Hope your sitting!
Follistim Pen: 1
Follistim AQ 900 IU: 8
ENOXAPARIN 40 mg (Lovenox): 30
Ganirelix syringe: 8
Doxycycline 100 mg: 30
Menopur 75 IU: 22
Methylpred 16 mg: 4
Gonadotropin 10,000 UI: 1
Progesterone 50 MG: 60

And then the scary part......
Syringes! Lots and lots of Syringes!
22Gx1.5: 100 count
18Gx1.5: 80 count
Needles 25Gx 5/8: 20 count
 Not going to lie, the box and bag of syringes made me cringe! So nervous about the PIO shots in the booty. I have had them before and know they are not that bad, But, they were done at the office, not at home. My husband having to do them for me scares the flip flops right off me. Sheesh....

On another note, I am ready! I am so ready for this journey that I cannot wait! Everyday on BCP is another day closer to a baby in my arms. I have a really really good feeling about this first IVF. I know I get this feeling everytime its the first round of anything, Im praying this is a different outcome than the rest. Please God, let this be our Rainbow Baby!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I have died everyday waiting for you.....

Song of moment really hits home. Christina Perri "A thousand years" touches my heart. Although this song is song to a spouse ( I would imagine from twilight) I cannot help but fall in love with the song and hope that one day I can sing it to our child. Our child that is just waiting to be conceived/born to the most wonderful, loving, caring, and appreciative  parents ever.

We are one step closer to our dream. The one dream that will forever change our lives. I cannot thank God enough that he has allowed us to strength to continue on and fight for what we want. We will be parents, God just needed a little help to get us there!!!

Day 9 of our first IVF cycle!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

First day of IVF #1

I honestly am still in shock. I can't believe that we are finally able to do IVF! AHHHHHHH!

Ok, anyways. Today was day 3 blood and ultrasound. FSH was 4.8 and there were 15 follies on the right and 20 on the left. I start birth control tonight and go in next wednesday for an IVF class, a mock transfer, blood work for the hubby, and finally to get the ARC financing in order for this IVF! I can't even wait. If you read, please pray, Pray that we only have to do this once. I am ready for whatever God is ready to give us. 1,2,3 It doesnt matter, I just want a healthy baby or babies. I want my take home baby, I am ready. Its time to become parents!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I have taken a long hiatus from blogging, mostly just because I suck. No good valid reason. Ive been busy with school, watching my niece and another family friend and saving money like there is no tomorrow. Considering me and Mr. C are not much for saving, this was a task in itself. But for what we were saving for, it came easy. Something we have always wanted, something to complete our family, and something that isnt something, Its someone. We have been saving for a procedure that will hopefully grant us the one true gift of becoming parents.

Today, is the first day of a very long road. Hopefully one with an extremely happy ending. I have my cycle day 3 blood work and ultrasound on Thursday and a class for IVF next Wednesday. This is real. This is happening. Through all of my sleepless tearful nights of how we would ever afford this, its happening, And I cannot even express the thrill, excitement, and happiness that fills my heart to know that we are close. Closer than ever to becoming parents.

Although the overwhelming happiness keeps me going, the sting of reality hits just as hard. This isn't a guarantee. And we could come out of these next 4 cycles without a baby and without all the money. I am not sure what I will feel at that point, as I cannot even imagine, but I do know this is our last shot. We will either become biological parents to a child (or children) through IVF or we will adopt.

Truthfully, we plan to adopt regardless of the outcome of the IVF. Its just a matter of time.

I really plan to update this more often, I want to remember every thought, feeling, and tear that goes into this journey. So if you follow, fasten your seatbelts. Your in for a real ride!