Monday, February 14, 2011


How do I feel: Normal.... Honestly I don't feel any different. Makes me think that this cycle is a bust. But I will not let that discourage me. I ovulated! And for someone with PCOS that is more than 1/2 the battle! So for that I am so grateful! On another note, I have my appointment coming up with the RE, so I am excited for this. I have decided that I want to continue on clomid, But also use injectables. I am hoping the RE is good with that as well!

Also, I am in desperate need of your help to pick a name for my Boutique. My great friend Amy and I have seriously been trying to chose one for months if not almost a year! LOL. So I have linked my survey to the left hand side of this page at the top. Please check it out! Thanks!

Back to the pregnancy thing, I ordered like 15 tests. LOL, seriously who does that. Heres to hoping I will only need 1, but lets be for real. That probably wont happen. I also ordered some stuff for TTC, just in case. I seen a quote the other day that really made me laugh, " Only people with infertility think it is completely normal to buy tampons and pregnancy tests at the same time" LMAO, this cracks me up, Its beyond true!

So I decided that I will test when they come in the mail..... Maybe tomorrow?


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