Monday, August 2, 2010

Blood work, new appt, another diagnosis.....

Well, I have yet to get back all of the blood work that I am waiting on. But so far, my liver enzymes are increasing which is not good. The doctor tested for the normal diagnostics, all negative. Now the quest to find out what is causing this. Since we are on a break from trying till we get results of the RPL testing, I decided to do some research of my own. I have looked up natural herbs, vitamins, diets, other causes, SA results.. EVERYTHING!
 I have also started charting my BBT. Although easy, its a pain in the butt to remember everyday. I just set my alarm and so far so good! I chart on Fertility Friend, which is a great sight. I just wish you didn't have to pay for the VIP membership. I wanted a paper to print out so that I would be able to track at home as well. So I looked up a few charts online, only to find that no charts start under 97.00? Dumbfounded, I began to search the Internet. I cannot possibly be the only person with low temperatures.... Sure enough, hours of research later. Hypothyroidism smack me in the face. Although I am no doctor, and have not been told I have this, I am fairly certain I do. I have 90% of the symptoms, and it directly relates to PCOS, insulin resistance, and high liver enzymes.... WOW, I am just in utter shock at this point. Another problem to add to the list of many.... Just kill me now.
My only hope at this point is that maybe this is the problem I have had all along, and finally getting a diagnosis would be great if it works and we will one day have a baby.

On another note, I am really trying hard to diet. I have requested phentermine from the doctor, and so far its working pretty good. I am eating much better, and now I just need to work out... which I hate... I am down 11 pounds in 3 weeks!


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