Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yay! Welcome Followers!

Excited to see I have some followers! Welcome! I hope that you all find interest in this blog, and the journey is which I am taking. I can imagine many of you may be on this same journey, which in an odd way is comforting and sad at the same time. I don't want anyone else to travel this rocky path of heartbreak, Its a pain in which I wish that we were all spared. But for whatever reason, we were chosen as the strong ones to get past this. I used to try not to reference to much to God, however, in the past year I have found great strength in believing that he would never give you anything that you couldn't handle. My faith is growing, and if in turn I still not receive my greatest gift, my faith and strength that I have found in myself is a great start! So once again, Welcome to my life!

On another note, on the fertility aspect of things... We are at a stand still. I am waiting on the rest of the RPL testing, which I will get back on Tuesday. I also will request a full thyroid panel, as I think that I may have a hypothyroid... Why not right? Everything else seems to stack some odds against us. Ha, I will get through it! Maybe this will help with everything else.

I have also started to supplement some vitamins at home. PNV has always been a part of the daily drug intake as well as Zoloft (yes I need it to get through this life, I have horrible anxiety and depression, wonder why that is? ). I have added Evening Primrose which is supposed to help with CM, Royal Jelly which is supposed to help with egg quality (not sure if I need it, but cant hurt) and MACA which is supposed to help regulate hormones. I have also started charting. Today is cycle day 14, and so far I don't think that I'm nearing any sort of ovulation. Temps are all over the dang place. So I have a feeling that this month, just like any other non- medicated cycle there will be no ovulation. Tuesdays appt, I am hoping for a script for Femara.. We will see...

On a brighter note, I am going up north to Harrison, Michigan this weekend. It will be a nice getaway for once. I may not be updating till I get back. Maybe Monday, but possibly Tuesday after the doctor. Keep your fingers crossed for some good news! Have a great weekend!


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