Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 7 of stims

Today is the 7th day I have had to stab myself in the belly to inject hormones to hopefully make some eggs grow. Based off my last two ultrasounds from day 6 of stims and day 4 of stims here is what we know.
May 9th: we had 14 follicles under 10 on the left and 13 follicles under 10 on the right. We also had 3 follicles measuring 10 on the left. Lining was an 8 If i remember correctly. First impression of this was not what I expected. I know I respond poorly, and I wanted more eggs than 3!

May 11th: we had 16 eggs on each side! Right side had a 15,14,12,12,12,10 and left had 3 10's. I think they said lining was a 12. We also had a follie measuring at 17 which we will ignore and hopefully he will stop sucking the juice from all the meds. This ultrasound also showed I needed to start Ganirelx which will prevent my body from ovulating on my own.

We are now up to 3 shots a day! Ganirelx in the morning at 730. And 150 of both Menopur and Follistim in the evening at 730-830. All are ok. Follistim hurting the least and menopur the most. The needle on the Ganirelx is dull for some reason and makes it hard for me to do that one on my own. The  hubby does that one for me.

Tentative ER will be next thursday-sat. Hopefully tomorrow will show more eggs growing and a better estimate on ER day.


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