Sunday, May 20, 2012

Egg retrieval!!!

On mothers day, I went back into the RE for ultrasound and blood work and I had 35+ follicles!!!! 18 were mature that day and tons of others on their way! I was ecstatic! I would lower my dose of Menopur to 75ui and keep follistim the same. Appt Monday morning to check things out!

Monday morning: Everything looks amazing and its time to trigger! I triggered at 830 Monday night for our retrieval on Wednesday morning at 730.

Wednesday morning couldn't come fast enough, I was sore, so sore it was hard to move, sleep, or even function. It was a rough couple days for sure. Wednesday came and we were on our way to retrieval!

Once we arrived at the clinic I got into one of those super flattering gowns that hardly covered my butt and got into bed! The anesthesiology came to insert my iv and had to poke me 3 times. That was horrible. I hate having bad veins. But once it was in, it was fine. I got some meds to relax, went to the bathroom one last time, said bye to the hubby, and went to the ER room.

Once on the table, legs in stirrups, and arms out on separate parts of the table, A mask was placed on me to breath in some oxygen. Then the real drugs were inserted in my iv. To la la land I went.

I awoke in the recovery area and felt some pretty strong cramps and really had to pee! I asked to pee, even though I was clearly still asleep, and they said they would bring a bed pan. I nixed that Idea and just held it! I got some pain meds and asked how many we got..... That's when my world came crashing down beside me.

14..... The doctor tells me... the rest were empty. I was devastated. How could that happen? How could more than half of the follicles that were growing so big and making me so uncomfortable just be empty? I went home and did what any other crazy person would do... consulted Dr. Google....

Empty Follicle syndrome is what I came up with. Causes, reasons, success after, treatments, and other personal stories.. I wasn't alone.

I found lots of resources that i will use in case we do have to do ivf again, which at this point, looks likes the case....


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