Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We have a name!!! 20-21 weeks

During the past two weeks we have decided on a final name. Our sweet girl will be a sweet little Delaney Grace! These past two weeks have been amazing. I am feeling her move all the time, which I couldnt love more! She tends to be a night owl and start moving tons right after dinner time and until I go to sleep with is around 1am. Last night however, I was up late and couldnt sleep, She was moving like crazy at 3am! This girl clearly doesnt know the difference between night and day! I guess its a good thing her MaMa is night owl as well.  Her moving and kicking is getting stronger, I cannot wait for the hubby to be able to feel her from the outside!!! So far this ride has been amazing and at 22 weeks tomorrow, Im not ready for it to be over. I am truly enjoying every second of this amazing journey. I thank God everyday that he has answered our prayers!!

How Far Along:  21w 5d

Size of Baby:  Banana and she is over a pound now!
What You’re Doing:  Still working out the moving thing, which is stressful while pregnant to say the least. But anticipating decorating the nursery!
Cravings:  Mac and cheese with jalapenos (lol), and bananas lately. Anything pasta as always. And I really dont like meat!
Sleep: Although I toss and turn still all night, I have been really starting to get used to sleeping on my sides. I can still lay on my belly, but Delaney doesnt seem to like it, she moves like crazy when I do, so I try to avoid it!
Sex of Baby: Sweet baby GIRL
Weight Gain: I have actually lost 2lbs.... 
Names: Delaney Grace
Symptoms: still RLP, more so on the right side.
Fetal Movement: She moves and rolls like crazy! No particular kicks yet, just all around moving!
What you’re looking forward to: Her first real kick!


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