Tuesday, September 18, 2012

19 weeks

Week: 19

I cant believe we are here already! For me this is the 1/2 point since we will be induced at 39 weeks. I prayed so hard for 12 weeks to get here and now we are half way. I am just in shock still.

I feel pretty good lately! I am also so thankful for such a great pregnancy so far! Aside from not being able to sleep and my left hip aching a lot I have no other real symptoms!

How Far Along:  19 weeks 6 days

Size of Baby:  cantelope and at her anatomy scan on last friday she weighed 11 ounces! 
What You’re Doing:  planning planning and planning. We should be moving here soon, and I can't wait to start the nursery! Our shower is right around the corner as well!
Cravings: Still applesauce and mostly carbs! Pizza, pretzels, pasta.. you name it!
Sleep: I wish... I can't fall asleep and once I do, I cant stay asleep. I toss and turn a ton. 
Sex of Baby: Sweet baby GIRL
Weight Gain: Notta! But since baby measured good I am not too worried. I have added ensure into my diet so maybe that will help..
Names: We have officially picked a name... Announcement will come soon, we are not ready to share! :)
Symptoms: RLP when I go to stand from sitting, rapid heart rate, and the hunger is starting to pick up!
Fetal Movement: I can definitely feel her moving more. Its not a kick like feel, but more so a fishy! 
What you’re looking forward to: Her first real kick! I can't wait till she does it hard enough it stops me in my tracks!!!

Tomorrow marks the official completion of 20 weeks! I cant believe it. I want her here so bad, yet this is all going way to fast! 


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