Wednesday, March 2, 2011

bruised up!

Well today was my 6th day on the Follistim injections! I am so proud to have made it this far already!
The shots are not as bad as I thought, they really do not hurt much. I ice it up a bit and shoot it in! The side effects that I have been having are sore back, headache, very emotional, Tired and restless, and sore tatas! haha!
Oh, and dont forget the bruising that has taken over my body! I have never really been a bruiser and now that I am on the Baby Asprin daily I could bump into a pillow and get a bruise. So, with that said, my belly looks like a ladybugs back, cirlce bruises all over the dang place! I have also noticed random bruises all over my body and couldnt tell you where I got them.

So, since today is day 6 on the injections this puts me at CD11! We are getting closer to the IUI. I have an appointment on this Friday to see how the follies are growing and I think that it would give us a better idea as far as when we would be going to Grand Rapids for the procedure! I am full of emotion right now, every feeling that I could feel, I do. We have waited so long to get to this point and we are finally persuing this next step! SO SO scary! We obviously hope that this is the only IUI we have to do, But reality is that it probably wont be. I just hope that it happens in 3, because we just do not have the funds to do any more than that. Also, after 3 rounds the RE said we would do IVF with ICSI. And that is no where in our budget, so we would have to take a very long break from trying in order to say up the 20,000 to do that.

I know that this post was far from the last, I have just been keeping pretty busy between school and work and being super tired from the meds. I will post more often as the days get closer to the IUI.

Oh, Almost forgot... Freckled Pink is almost up and running! I am also putting alot of time into that as well!


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