Thursday, September 16, 2010

MFM appt results.....

Well, seeing as I have not updated, I am sure that you can all assume that I did not get the results or outcome that I had hoped for. First off, the office staff was very nice and helpful. I felt very welcomed, and although hearing an a heartbeat ultrasound from the other room that broke my heart, I stayed strong. My husband had went with me, and we just giggled most of the time (more so to cover what we where there for and the noises from the other rooms). Once the initial exam was done, the doctor came back to talk to us. Based off of "what he believes" there is no indication that the MTHFR mutation that I have will cause any other miscarriages because my Homocystine levels are normal. Therefore, he does not want to prescribe any treatment. This I am not happy with. He did suggest genetic testing, which I am in the process of looking into with the insurance company.

I feel very let down, like I am back at square one. I had a diagnosis, and a possible treatment. And now I have a diagnosis that the doctor doesn't "think" we need to treat. I have another appointment with my regular OBGYN on next Tuesday. I will then discuss my concerns with her about not treating the MTHFR mutation, regardless of what my homocystine levels are. I physically and emotionally cannot handle another miscarriage. I have already been robbed of the joyous events of pregnancy. And I cannot do it again. With everyone around us having children, this struggle gets harder and harder everyday.....


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