Wednesday, July 13, 2011

not alone.

Being alone is a feeling that I am pretty sure everyone with infertility feels like they are going through. I often still feel alone, but not alone physically or emotionally, its a different alone. Alone like im the only one who wants something so bad and cant have it. Throughout the last few months I have begun talking to an old friend, who unfortunately is going through the same thing. Her friendship and kind words can get me through even the toughest days. I love our conversations on facebook and know that I can tell her anything about infertility and my feelings and she understands, truly understands, not just telling me she understands. I love this. And I am so thankful that god has brought someone into my life that makes me feel a little less alone.

Today she sent me a message on facebook of a song that she wanted to share. Its funny, I have never told her of this blog, so she wouldnt know that I like to relate songs to life. But this one is touching, emotional, raw, and so heartfelt that I just knew that it would be this weeks song. Beware, its a tear jerker....

Happy Wednesday! Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week. By the way, I go next tuesday to a screening appointment to get into a study for people with infertility. I am praying I get in, It offers 4 IUI's. And financially this would really help us since we would have this amazing opportunity with no cost to us. Please keep me in your prayers!



Anonymous said...

Hey lady...

Thanks so much for sharing. It means the world to me that we have re connected after all these years and can help each other through this crazy journey. I love that I can actually share this song with someone, and them not look at me like im nuts. Im glad you shared your journey with me, and im glad I can help. Thank you for always being there for me :)
Talk to you soon !!!

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